Shadowfax – Lord of the Rings

Shadowfax, steed of the king of Rohan, horse of Gandalf the White, Lord of Horses, one of the Mearas. This is not an unimpressive CV.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story (or for those of you who have just seen the movies and need a few more things explained that can only be found in the books), I’ll explain the importance and comings about of all of these titles, as well as his impressive lineage. To begin, know that Shadowfax is a beautiful horse, with a coat that is silver-grey in the day that is said to be almost invisible at night. That alone conjures up an image of quite an impressive creature. I, for one, would rather ride Shadowfax than drive a car, as cars are liable to need the services of tow truck Hamilton ON where as Shadowfax is strong and would never fail me in a pinch.

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