Princess – The Simpsons

I hope you’ve seen this episode about Lisa’s pony (which is conveniently called “Lisa’s Pony”). It’s one of the early ones, and it’s so sweet and good-hearted. The sweetness of the show is really what draws me to it, like how terrible shingles might draw the attention of companies like professional tree trimming Aurora CO. Except I guess not like that, because I think the show is a good thing … .It’s also funny, of course, but there are lots of funny shows out there, but most of them don’t have nearly as much heart. And, frankly, a lot of them aren’t nearly as truly funny as the Simpsons (in the earlier seasons, at least), and instead rely on lewdness and pretention for their laughs. But I digress.

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The Horse with No Name – A Horse with No Name

Confused by the title? Fair. Not confused at all by the title? Good for you. You win the largest tree stump removal chesapeake va has to offer! LOL just kidding. If the title does not confuse you, then I must assume that you are familiar with the hit song by the band America, entitled, “A Horse with No Name.” This song was the first single the band wrote, and was released in Europe (1971) before it was released in the US (1972). Might seem strange that a band called America released a hit single in Europe before the song was released in the US, but the band was actually formed in England, the members being sons of US servicemen. Fun fact. Read more “The Horse with No Name – A Horse with No Name”

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Shadowfax – Lord of the Rings

Shadowfax, steed of the king of Rohan, horse of Gandalf the White, Lord of Horses, one of the Mearas. This is not an unimpressive CV.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story (or for those of you who have just seen the movies and need a few more things explained that can only be found in the books), I’ll explain the importance and comings about of all of these titles, as well as his impressive lineage. To begin, know that Shadowfax is a beautiful horse, with a coat that is silver-grey in the day that is said to be almost invisible at night. That alone conjures up an image of quite an impressive creature. I, for one, would rather ride Shadowfax than drive a car, as cars are liable to need the services of tow truck Hamilton ON where as Shadowfax is strong and would never fail me in a pinch.

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James Baxter – Adventure Time

James Baxter — or Ja-a-a-a-a-a-ames, Baxterrrrrrrrrrrr! (think horse) as he would pronounce it — is a delightful, whimsical palomino horse from the equally delightful and whimsical television show called Adventure Time. Adventure Time is set in the magical land of Ooo, and we follow the crazy adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human as they foil the plans of the not-quite-really-evil Ice King. Not so much fighting evil as it is pest control services. And I can say quite confidently that only in a land like Ooo could a character like James Baxter exist. I really do highly recommend that you go and watch at least James Baxter’s episodes after (or before) reading this post. I really think you’ll enjoy them!

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