There are a lot of stories about horses. Most of them, for some reason, are devastating, or at least have some really tough parts to get through, even if it’s on the way to a happy ending. Partially for that reason, I don’t watch a ton of horse movies. That and I feel like a lot of them have similar plots. I know that’s not really true, but for whatever reason whenever someone suggests I see a horse movie, I just assume I’ll basically be seeing Seabiscuit again, so I’m like … nah …. Which isn’t really fair, I guess.

That’s not to say that I don’t like horses, though. My parents live out in the country, and I grew up with my neighbours having horses and I took riding lessons for a few summers. And I really liked it! I learned lots of things, especially that I much prefer Western style riding to English style riding. From what I remember (it was, you see, quite some time ago), in English riding, you do most of the work (like the guiding of the horse, etc.) with your knees, whereas with Western riding, you use your reins. You use your heels in Western, too, to get the horse going, but then it’s a rein job. Just have to be sure you’re nice to the horse’s mouth is all.

But not all famous horses are the stars of their respective films or shows. Nay nay. (Or should I say, neigh neigh … I stand by that and will not apologise.) Sometimes, horse characters are supporting characters, side characters, and they are never given nearly as much attention as the leading horses, which I suppose makes sense, considering they’re not leading characters. That said, though, often these not-so-leading horses have a very important part to play in their respective worlds.

And these important horse roles aren’t just limited to tv and movies, of course. They can be found in books (many movies being based on those wonderful things), video games, and, to a lesser and slightly less-fleshed-out extent, songs. Hopefully I’ll get to touch a little on each of these mediums in this blog. This blog, remember, is just meant to be fun, something that I thought would be a good way to get me writing on a regular basis, and also watch and read and play things I may not have otherwise watched or read or played.

So, that’s about all I have to say before we get started! Well, almost. Just want to say thanks for reading! I find some types of writing are far more rewarding if people are reading it and enjoying it, and blogging is definitely one of those types. Do thank you, dear reader, for providing me and my writing with that extra bit of purpose. And if ever you think Hey, what about that horse from ____? I’d like to hear more about it, feel free to give me a shout and let me know! Researching is kinda my jam.




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